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Leading businessman in Los Torres case now free in US |  Politics |  News

Leading businessman in Los Torres case now free in US | Politics | News

Jose Luis de la Boss Roman, a shareholder of Nolimit, has admitted to paying $ 8.8 million in bribes for petrochemical deals.

In April 2019, after his 40th birthday, he was sentenced to three years in prison. When he was due to go to jail, the date was postponed and his sentence was commuted to three years parole in June last year.

It was Ecuadorian-American businessman Jose Luis de la Boss Roman, a representative of Nolimit CA, one of the shareholders, who admitted to paying $ 8.8 million in bribes for the Petroleum deals, and is now a key player in the case of Los Torres.

Between 2012 and 2017, Nolimit CA received 1 121 million contracts from Petrochevado, mainly for pumps and maintenance assistance for Esmeraldas and La Libertad refineries.

List of contracts awarded by Petrocuador to Nolimit CA Photo: Archive

The bribery began in early 2013 and was obtained by officials of the previous government, according to the first confession of de la Boss Roman. However, some Nolimit agreements were still in effect, which is why Ecuador’s Attorney General’s Office has said that Petrograd could have asked for more money to expedite payments.

The demands were made by Jose Raல்l de la Torre Prado, the son-in-law of compiler Pablo Celi and adviser to Pablo Flores, then adviser to the manager of Petroquador, and Roberto Barrera, a real estate tycoon who traded with Ispol.

Both admitted to mediating the bribe, After they were arrested in Miami in mid-2019, they are now free, and de la Torre Prado also reduced his sentence to five months.

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With the help of confessions made in the United States and through its investigations, the Office of the Attorney General confirmed the existence of Jose Augusto Bryans as Secretary-General of the Presidency, ordering de la Torre Prado to serve as Consultant in Petrocuador.

Luis Adolfo Augusto Bryans, brother of Jose Augusto Bryon, who owns some construction companies, was also involved in receiving irregular payments; Amenorge Services SA, a Petrochemical contractor, and two people associated with the Fraxioner company, Andres Luke Cervantes and Nastor Medina Medina.

A portion of the bribe from Nolimit to Estepan Celi, paid by de la Torre Prado, ensured that the glosses issued by the State Comptroller General’s Office against that company were removed.

It was five luminosities per glo 13 million. For all this, the Attorney General, Diana Salazar, demanded an arrest warrant for many and searches of homes and offices. So far there are nine defendants, seven of whom are in custody, one on one court and the other free.

Sylvia Lopez Vallejo, who appears to represent Amenergy Services, was one of those arrested. His company won about 34 million contracts in 2012-2020, according to Sercop, a public procurement service.

Amenergy has entered into these agreements with other companies, forming a consortium including Morgan Services, Digitech, and Even Antenna. Most contracts are for maintenance Pipelines or pile correction methods in oil infrastructure, as recorded by Sergop.

Lopez appears with three companies, the company reports, the former energy minister is linked to three, his brother appears as a representative of a dozen companies, and Andres Luke appears as a representative or partner of some thirteen companies.

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SERCOP records show that the companies of the former energy minister’s brother have won contracts worth $ 13.5 million since 2012. Although the former energy minister received a contract for க்கு 39,000 from the water ministry in 2016, one of the companies in AgorConsult, the year he has not yet served as a public official, it is recorded in the records.

Four of the defendants are affiliated with a public function and four are private companies

One of the detainees in the activities of the prosecutor’s office is former Minister of Energy and Renewable Natural Resources Jose Augusto Bryans.

The list of prosecutors in the state attorney general’s office in the Los Torres case, which investigates bribes paid by petrochemical contractors, includes compiler Pablo Celi de la Torre, three former public officials and five corporate representatives.

Pablo Celi de la Torre joined the Comptroller’s Office in 2010 as General Consultant and later as Executive Deputy Controller. In 2011 he was appointed Ecuador’s ambassador to Argentina. In 2014 he served as Deputy Controller and until 2017 as Deputy Controller. As of 2021, it records 2 312,495 shares.

His brother, Stephen Celly, was mayor of the Banks’ supervisor’s private insurance system in 2012.

Jose Augusto Bryans was in 2017 as Advisor to the Ministry of Hydrocarbons, Head of Corporate Coordination at the public company PetroAmasonas, and Technical Assistant Manager at the Public Water Company.

In 2018 he became Secretary-General of the Presidency, then he was appointed Chairman of the Senplates and in 2020 the Minister of Energy and Non-Renewable Natural Resources. His share, as of 2021, stands at 3,263,450.

The Attorney’s Office appointed Natalia Cordenas, who began public service in 2011, as deputy secretary of information at Sen. Blades. He was Deputy Minister of Defense Coordination in 2016 and Deputy Secretary of the Program in 2016 as President. In 2017 he was also a consultant at the Panicwadar PP, and in 2018 he was a consultant at Petrograd in 2018 and later vice president of projects. In 2020 it went to the National Telecommunications Corporation.

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A further four defendants are affiliated with the private sector. Sylvia Lopez and Angelo Lopez, the brother of former minister Luis Augusto, appear to represent a dozen companies at Amenergy, and Andres Luke is affiliated with thirteen companies. None of the defendants had a corporate relationship. (I)