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Latinos Are Working in Texas and Making Thousands of Dollars in a Job Not Everyone Does (VIDEO)

Latinos Are Working in Texas and Making Thousands of Dollars in a Job Not Everyone Does (VIDEO)

Cleaning properties and other locations can mean hundreds of dollars an hour @texasjunkers_junkremoval

When the owner of a family business dedicated to garbage collection in Houston, Texas, decided to share a sample of his work on his social networks, the story of Latino initiative and entrepreneurship in the United States went viral. 2400 dollars in one day. It immediately generated interest from others interested in following the business in other cities.

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Although they are considered common tasks, the work of collecting scrap metal from some places can become an important source of income, according to the testimony of a clip published by the TikTok account @texasjunkers_junkremoval, which generated almost 800 thousand views.

The secret to your success

In his clip, the Latino entrepreneur offers pictures of his daily activities, which include everything from sweeping construction sites to emptying garages full of boxes, saying, “Look how we make almost $2,400 a day. Each task has a different level of difficulty, but at the end of the day the payoff is worth the effort.


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? I Don't Let Him Down – The Sinaloa Twins

The first job of the day earned them US$600; Then, they paid US$550 for cleaning a garage for about 20 minutes. The third task of the day turned out to be more challenging, a storage unit that required nearly two hours and three pulls. “Here we gave the customer a good discount and in the end we charged them US$1,237, making a total of US$2,367,” said the video maker.

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The most successful days of your business

While it was a good day for Texas Junkers' business, in other posts on his TikTok account, the Latino entrepreneur who identifies himself as “Compa Tony” shared other balances from previous work days, leaving him with around US $2000 at the end of the day. In other cases, you may have extraordinary opportunities to earn USD 3,755 in one day.

In another clip posted in mid-January, he said, “I got this job from an investor who had a house that burned down. “We spend eight hours on this job and an hour for lunch; six workers: five guys and me.”

How much do you pay for an hour to pick up trash in the US?

Among the aspects that piqued the interest of the audience was the salary he paid to the workers who helped him clean, to which the businessman replied that he would pay US$20 an hour, which excited more people than they asked to hire me.

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