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Kobe throws hot coffee at a McDonald’s employee in Miami

Kobe throws hot coffee at a McDonald’s employee in Miami

CubitaNOW Editorial ~ Wednesday, October 4, 2023

A Cuban man threw hot coffee at the manager of a McDonald’s fast food restaurant in Miami Springs after an argument over what change he should get. The incident occurred on August 25 and was captured on video.

The person, identified as 64-year-old Eleazar Ravelo, became irate when the manager, Stephanie Restuccia, handed him his drink through the car window with 99 cents instead of a dollar as he wanted.

The argument escalated, and Ravelo threatened to throw hot coffee on Restuccia.

Finally, when Restuccia handed her her coffee, Ravello deliberately threw it at her, causing burns on her right arm and chest.

The manager described her injuries and took photos of the incident before seeking medical care.

Ravelo fled the scene before police arrived, but was located by the Miami Springs Detective Bureau and arrested on a felony assault charge.

Although he initially denied the threats to throw hot coffee, Ravelo admitted to being displeased with the initial service provided upon request, and disagreed over a few cents on his order, according to the arrest report.

In court, the man was prevented from approaching the victim. You can’t visit the institution either.

“I’ll never step foot in there again,” Ravelo told the judge during the hearing.

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