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Elon Musk’s X/Twitter removes headlines from news links

Elon Musk’s X/Twitter removes headlines from news links

The change was rolled out to mobile users first.

The change was rolled out to mobile users first.
picture: PixieMe (Stock struggle)

Elon Musk’s social media adventure is becoming increasingly curious. After some strange changes in infrastructure (How to rename the iconic name and images site-wide), Musk has now made the decision to remove links from his headlines when shared on the platform.

The change went into effect on Wednesday, but Musk warned us he intends to do so Beheading news in AugustSaying he thinks it will improve the aesthetics of the site. Previously, links shared on the platform included a title, a brief summary of the story, and a current photo. Now, links shared on the platform will no longer have a meta title, instead they will only have the featured image and media name on the screen. If users want a title for a post, they will have to type it in manually. In themselves.

An example of what non-headline Tweets now look like on desktop, with the media URL displayed in the image. The title of this article was manually added to the text of the Tweet.
Screenshot: Gizmodo

Twitter did not immediately respond to Gizmodo’s request for comment on the decision.

News of the change comes as Reuters Reports That advertising revenue at X is (unsurprisingly) declining every month. U.S. ad revenue has fallen by at least 55% year over year every month since Musk acquired the platform last October, the outlet says, citing data from an outside source. The most dramatic decline occurred in December 2022, with advertiser revenues down 78% compared to December 2021. In August, which was according to the most recent data available, revenues fell 60% year over year. All of the platform’s advertising issues are likely the result of Musk’s reckless attempts to promote “freedom of expression” on the platform, which is likely to be… Intimidating companies that do not want to be associated with hate speech and far-right propaganda. The idea that clicking on the image will now take you to an unknown website will certainly make X/Twitter bigger. It is targeted by hackers and scammers, a quality that could turn away more advertisers.

Musk appears to have had a vendetta against news publishers since he officially took control of the platform last fall. In September, it became known that X/Twitter was limiting traffic to the New York Times. Engagement with tweets linked to New York Times stories declined in July and continued to decline in August compared to tweets linked to competitors like the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. Additionally, Musk wanted to tag the media on the platform, NPR has been awarded the “State Affiliate Media” badge. Which Raised displacement from the middle of the platform Kiss Finally he abandoned the idea altogether At the request of biographer Walter Isaacson.

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