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Kobe surprises me with his talent in playing the piano: I am a “spiritual” musician

Kobe surprises me with his talent in playing the piano: I am a “spiritual” musician

A wonderful piano musical performance by a Cuban who suffers from a certain degree of mental disability has spread in recent hours on social networking sites, thanks to the talent, freshness and spontaneity of a scene devoid of lessons.

“When all seems lost…except music and your love for it.”nun Sister Ariana Brito Rodriguez wrote alongside the photos.

“I'm a spiritual musician, I'll play for you Laura's not here. I know how to play disco on the piano.”“, warns the casual pianist at the beginning, exposing the hilarious error of “spiritual” versus “experimental,” referring to a talent without school, made only by experience.

After leaving locals and strangers with their mouths open with his first performance, he didn't hesitate to move on Adelina songRichard Clayderman's classics presented to his audience in a wonderful blend of classic sound with modern tones.

More than 5,300 reactions and 1,200 comments – at the time of writing – show the impact that the unique pianist has had on social networks and They do justice to Fernando, the Cuban resident of Guanabaco According to what they say, he is the son of a piano teacher.

One Internet user pointed out that Fernando often plays the piano at the Guillermo Tomás Conservatory in the municipality in which he resides, which is considered the birthplace of great musicians.

“He goes there often because he really studied there, young man. I studied with him, and his instrument was the guitar. What a shame he's out of his mind!”said someone who has known him since his youth.

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Another commenter noted: “He lives on Pepe Antonio and Soledad streets. He lives on the same corner, and always takes care of his father who was 'a little crazy,' but he has a good heart.”

“His mother was a piano teacher and he had studied since he was young but life played a trick on him“He still deserves applause and appreciation,” said a third netizen.

Hundreds of comments praised the talent of Fernando – who appears to be living in inhumane conditions – and many hoped that he would receive support so that his acting qualities would be in time for his life to change.

“I believe if this video gets into the right hands, this man's life could be changed forever.”A woman expressed a feeling shared by many people who could not avoid listening to this beautiful video more than once.