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Political organizations supported María Corina Machado's “600,000” plan.

Political organizations supported María Corina Machado's “600,000” plan.

Venezuelan political organizations supported the “600,000” plan presented by Maria Corina Machado. | Photo: X / @ConvergenciaVe

Political organizations on Wednesday supported the “600,000” plan presented by Maria Corina Machado, in preparation for this year's presidential elections, which still do not have a specific date.


One of those who spoke on his account

“The 600,000 Operational Committee is now underway! From the Popular Volunteer Organization, we place ourselves at the service of our irredentist candidate, María Corina Machado, to make a reality the formation of a strong network of 600,000 citizens, who will defend the desire for change that Venezuelans will express at the electoral ballot boxes. “Change is coming!” expressed the Vice President.

The legitimate Copei Odca party will also lend its support in the operational committee of 600,000 to participate in the elections and monitor.

He commented: “Venezuela is calling us and today we are presenting the 600,000 Executive Committee, the Organization, Security, Participation and Election Observation Network.”

For its part, Convergencia Venezuela indicated that the “600,000 Plan” is the largest and strongest electoral integrity device ever present in the country, as parties and citizens are committed to the electoral process.

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“Today we present to the country the men and women who have committed to formulating, coordinating and forming the largest and most powerful electoral integrity body ever in Venezuela. This is a unity of purpose that transcends parties and brings together citizens committed to the electoral process,” the political organization noted on the social media site.

Other speakers include the Encuentro Ciudadano, which will work together with more than 20 political parties from all sectors in Venezuela, so that the “600,000 Plan” is the path to victory in the 2024 presidential elections.

“From Encuentro Ciudadano, together with more than 20 political organizations and representation of all sectors that make life in Venezuela, we accompany and offer our support to the 600,000 plan for Venezuela to win the 2024 presidential elections. Together with thousands of Venezuelans, we will spread to every corner,” they added. From the pillars of the country, with a focus on attracting citizens to advocate voting and organizing in the face of the presidential elections.”

They added: “We continue our commitment, hand in hand with every citizen, to return freedom, peace and democracy to the country for which we fought so hard.”