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Keys to being more efficient at work - health and well-being

Keys to being more efficient at work – health and well-being

We can all be more efficient at work. Having it will make us more appreciated by the company, but also we can enjoy more free time.

Work can be finished two hours earlier, and even more. The key is analysis and order. Analysis helps to identify those activities or routines that do not contribute anything, but, on the other hand, take time. The system makes everything flow better and faster.

There is often a feeling that there is too much to do and too little time to do so. Also common is the idea that time passes quickly and it is not possible to progress as much as it should in daily tasks. With the right tactics, not only can you get the job done two hours early, but the idea of ​​running out of time just goes away.

These are not those formulas that completely change everything, as if by magic. These are the strategies that must be applied with discipline and commitment to make it work. If there’s enough commitment, you’ll likely be able to get the job done a couple of hours early and have more time to yourself. Let’s see how.

1. Select and remove irrelevant daily mini-tasks

To finish work two hours before you can start monitoring yourself. It is better to spend at least a week on this. The idea is to write down all the activities that an individual performs at work, including routine and more obvious ones, such as operating a computer.

The information we collect will be more valuable if we measure the time each activity takes. It is true that exercise can be a bit boring, but it only lasts for a week and will provide the basis for what follows. Now what next? Identify irrelevant micro-tasks: those small activities that take time and do little.

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It is recommended to get rid of all those delicate tasks that can be deleted, once a day. Those that are unavoidable can be reorganized, simplified or postponed when there is time. In these small and useless activities, a lot of precious time is wasted.

2. Make conversations

Another activity that usually takes up a lot of time is business conversations and informal meetings in the workplace. Yes, it might be nice to complain about the bad weather or share impressions of the last movie, but it probably takes more than it gives.

It’s also not about becoming a productive machine with the goal of finishing work two hours earlier. The matter is the arrangement. Well, you can take breaks and during it make a social life. Likewise, in strict business matters, the thing indicated is to get to the point, without detours. It’s amazing how much time can be saved by doing this.

3. Reduce time spent reviewing emails

Emails are big enemies to save time. In fact, there are very few people who have the character of urgency. Instead, many messages that may be waiting are received without any problem.

Often times, without even realizing it, we fall into the trap of checking mail every time there is a notification. The point is, you rarely read that email and get back to work.

The usual thing is for one to pause for a long time, and open one or another letter, without it being necessary. It’s best to set aside an hour to review your emails, and hopefully at the end of the day.

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4. Good planning

This is classic advice. Planning is necessary to save time, being one of the factors that helps to finish the task two hours in advance. It’s not about setting an agenda without more, it’s about doing it according to the criterion of setting priorities.

We recommend that you start today with the most demanding tasks, or at least do not leave them until the end. I mean the first at the beginning of the week and the first thing in the day. It is advisable to carry out these activities before others, including meetings or checking your email inbox. At the end of the day, it is advisable to leave most routine tasks behind.

5. Never wait for anything or anyone for more than 10 minutes

Sometimes a lot of time is wasted waiting. The idea is not to allow waiting more than 10 minutes, because once that barrier is crossed, it falls into mismanagement of time. A dead moment cannot be included in the day and allowed to extend without further ado.

What is indicated in these cases is the postponement. If it is not possible to carry on with the normal routine, because this thing or someone is required to carry on, it is always good to have at hand the tasks that can be performed when one of these obstacles is present.

These are just a few ideas that can help you get work done two hours in advance. We may be able to save you more time. In general, everything is based on self-monitoring and, accordingly, a more efficient reorganization of activities.

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