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Kevin Lopez is honest, paying tribute to Trujillo’s teachings and revealing the details of his new tattoo

Kevin Lopez is honest, paying tribute to Trujillo’s teachings and revealing the details of his new tattoo


he Olympia She is about to face her engagement in concachampionswhere he will face Atlas of Mexico in the stadium Olympic From San Pedro Sula.

He will be one of the items that will be in this duel Kevin Lopez, One of the signings that came to the Merengue team, which was distinguished by its wonderful performance.

Choloma spoke with Diez in previewing this duel and was focused and focused on being able to take advantage of this first duel, as it becomes clear what Atlas and high points stand for. to Aztec paintings.

How do you analyze the beginning of the return of the first Olympia and this?

We had a very good second round, we are still undefeated, we played good matches and got the most points, which is important. Now we start the second and hopefully it will be the same way.

Did I expect more fighting from the other teams, because they benefited so much?

Yes, for the team that we have, I think for the competition there is something to expect from Olympia. Due to the quality of the players there is minimal to expect, the work speaks for itself and within the group there is healthy competition.

What do you think of those who say Olympia has already won the title?

No, everything is done step by step, and I know we have a great team and we will compete for the title, and this is what we work for in every match and try to win. If we continue like this, we will fight for the title.

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How do you rate your performance personally?

From the first day of the group, I was well received by the teacher, and this helped me, here the competition is healthy. I’m a player who loves competition and we’re clear you can’t relax here. I came to a group that was really close and that helped.

The duel with Atlas is coming, what did Pedro Truglio tell you?

So far we’ve seen their league matches, they haven’t been discussed in depth yet, we’re more focused on this match (Honduras Progreso), but we’ve already seen it, it’s not at a good time, but at CONCACAF level it’s games that are played differently with other sensations We’re at home to take advantage of it and go into the next game more calmly.

Will this be your first Concacaf game for Olimpia?

Yes, this is my first game and I’m really excited, but I take it very seriously, knowing we have to take advantage of the opportunity we had at home and that they didn’t make a good start in the league. . We can’t trust each other and we have to do our best.

How many Mexican teams have you faced?

While I was with Motagua, they went to two: America, Tijuana and now the Atlas.

What care should be taken against Mexican teams?

We are clear about the league they have, they are very active on the pitches, the level they play, aggressiveness has to be taken into account as we represent our country, but Olympia has a great team to do things well and progress in this first stage. phase.

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Can you dream of this Champions League title?

Sure, if you work you can dream. Since my arrival it was clear what was to come, both the league and the international titles were there and that could be achieved. There is a Honduran team and player who finds it hard to believe, but the dream is there.

Is it an advantage or disadvantage to start against Atlas at home?

Personally, I don’t care, but it is important to start from home and benefit from it, otherwise it is useless to start from here. We have minimal starting advantage on our home turf and therefore achieve the calmest result there.

Is VAR necessary in the National League?

I think that will help, because there are tough procedures for the referees. As a player, sometimes inside you don’t understand why it’s so hot, but then you look closely at things and it’s not that they want to hurt you, but that’s hard, but VAR will make their job easier and they won’t. Makes a lot of mistakes.

What does the lion you drew mean?

Tattoos grab my attention, a lion has always grabbed my attention and this time I agreed with a friend and we did.

Is it the Olympic lion you made yourself?

Yes of course representing the establishment, we know Olympia is the lion and they are the two feelings. I said from the start I made the decision to come here, I’m so happy, I’m so happy I’m helping the team and that’s what they brought me for.

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National team matches are coming, are you signing up too?

Yes, of course, as a player I always want to be there, but it’s step by step, I’m focused on doing things well here and I know that doing well here gives you the chance to be in the national team.

You have the advantage that Diego Vazquez knows you well .

Of course, I’ve been with the teacher for seven years and he knows about my work, but in selection it’s all about performance and who’s the best.

Did you manage to play the golden cups?

Yes, the last time I played with Cueto who called me at the last moment and played the match against Mexico.