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Yoan Moncada CONNECTED The first team managed at home by Cuba

The character of Yoann Moncada is, along with that of Louis Robert, the most dominant figure on Cuba’s World Classic team. During his first game with the four letter pick, he was in fine form, with a couple of hits in two turns and a ticket.

Already in the second, last, preparatory match for the national team, which will debut on March 8 against the Netherlands, he gets a ticket into his first bat.

Yuan Moncada and Andy Ibanez, MLB MVP

Alongside Yoan Moncada, La Pineda’s Andy Ibañez was one of those who shone in attack since his arrival. The bartender from La Juventude was down 3-2 during the first game and to the end of that note he had a 2-2 in the second game. Adding four hits in five shifts has a perfect average of . 800.

Another MLB who saw action in the standoff was rookie Ruinis Elias. Who was not allowed to run in one turn, although they beat him. Luis Miguel Romero also made his debut, also without runs in one round.

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Among the batters, Luis Robert and Yoenis Céspedes had two misses in two turns and Lorenzo Quintana hit one batter in one turn.

To end on that note, the showdown was going 2×0 in Cuba’s favor on CTBC Brother when the bottom of the fourth inning was played.