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Familia de Yuniol Ramírez decide retirarse del proceso seguido contra implicados en el caso

Junuel Ramirez’s family has decided to withdraw from the process against those involved in the case

The family of murdered lawyer Junuel Ramirez has decided to withdraw from the process against those involved in the October 12, 2017 event.

Ramon Ramirez Montero, Roberto Ramirez Montero, Rolfes Ramirez Ferreras, Ruben Ramirez Montero, Raul Ramirez Perez and Raimundo Ramirez Perez, allegedly made the decision for a number of reasons.

The first confirms that the accusation initially submitted by the District Prosecutor, Rosalba Ramos, It is a covert, corrupt accusation directed with the sole intent of achieving impunity Former Director of the Metropolitan Bus Service Office (OMSA), Manuel Rivas; Colonel Faustino Rosario Diaz and businessman Eddie Santana Zorrilla.

They complained that they had submitted a criminal complaint to the current Public Prosecution and the Supreme Council of the Public Prosecution against the current Public Prosecutor, and no action has been taken in this regard so far.

It also highlights that the attorney general headed by Wilson Camacho, despite questioning the defendant Argenes Contreras for five days, These interrogations were not used to expand the scope of the accusation and to impeach the accused Rivas, Faustino Diaz and Santana Zorella, that Prosecutor General Ramos was charged only with corruption to protect them from their involvement in the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD).

They expressed that by not reformulating the file, the current Public Prosecution office also accepts an accusation of corruption, cover-up and impunity as a good and valid matter, which is why they withdrew from the process.

The case also includes Jorge Luis Abreu Fabian (El Taxista), Jose Antonio Mercado (El Grande), Victor Elisander Ravello Campos (El Herrero), Heidi Carolina Peña, wife of Argenes Contreras and Lilian Francisco Suárez Jáques.

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On October 12, 2017, the lawyer’s body was found with a chain around his neck tied to a lump in a stream in Manuguayapú, Santo Domingo Oeste. The lawyer was last seen at the academy around 1:00 p.m.

In the judicial process, he is subject to substantive trial in the Second Collegiate Court of the National District.