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Jose Ramon Fernandez admitted that "there was foul play" in England against USAM

Jose Ramon Fernandez admitted that “there was foul play” in England against USAM

Doha, Qatar. /

during the Qatar World Cup 2022The sports segment called Titan is back on the air with participation Jose Ramon Fernandezand David Vitelson, Luis Garcia, and Christian Martinoli. However, during one of his broadcasts, Joserra, an experienced ESPN journalist, “missed” A.J Possible falsification World Cup match.

What did Jose Ramon Fernandez say?

The four commentators spoke of the intense duel between England and the United Statescorresponding to the second round of Group B. Saeed’s duel ended in a zero draw, according to Jose Ramon Fernandezthis party could have had a “black hand”.

Someone says that at another table England and the United States agreed to a tieJose Ramon Fernandez announced during the release of Titanis. Accordingly, David Fitelson I intervened to explain that the said information had been entrusted to him by the former technical director of Mexican Choice: Juan Carlos Osorio.

Vitelsson scolded Josera on the air

Professor Osorio told you that off the air. previously! previously! previously! He entrusted it to you,” was the way Vitelson “rebuked” his mentor. After the controversial remark, commentators tried to divert attention to Christian Martinoli and Luis Garcia.

within edition of world Cup being ‘stained’ and ‘surrounded’ by corruption, the possibility of the English and Americans agreeing to a tie is neither confirmed nor denied. England I applied as a first group, while United State was the second.