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Pocho Guzmán to Chivas!  Advance transfer and Canelo Angulo to Pachuca Halftime

Pocho Guzmán to Chivas! Advance transfer and Canelo Angulo to Pachuca Halftime

Guadalajara, Jalisco /

What was stuck in the past days made it through and now the details are separate Victor Guzman to return to Chivas. El Pocho is not far from being able to inherit the Verde Valle team next Rojiblanca’s board of directors has resumed talks with its counterpart from Pachuca Now they hope to shut down the operation.

The case did not go well because of the economic aspect at first, but only on Monday everything revived. The Tozos family did not give up in monetary terms, and for this reason Guadalajara offered Jesus Ricardo Angulo And there everything opened up, since the surname Canelo is interested in Grupo Pachuca.

When Pocho Guzmán couldn’t play for Chivas

It must be remembered that the Mexican midfielder is talented He was in the basic forces of Chivas And he was sent to Pachuca, where he made his debut in 2015. Hidalgoens kept the letter in 2016, when Rodolfo Cota reached Chivas in the process.

Pocho continued at Tuzos and in 2020 he was sold to Guadalajara. The player was already training with Chivas, but a negative analytical result in an anti-doping test months ago changed everything, and he was finished. However, the interest on both sides was there and now it’s all going.

Closing the negotiations will depend on Canelo Angulowho could end up in Leon, which belongs to Grupo Pachuca, because he is a footballer of everyone’s interest Nicolas Larcamon, the new coach of Esmeraldas.

Born in Tonalá, Jalisco, Guzmán has a Guadalajara family and his interest is to return to Guadalajara, which is why he is excited about this change. El Pocho and Chivas are fixed and only the details separate everything. The steering wheel will be the first reinforcement of the Veljko Paunovic era.

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