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John Cena challenged Aldo and Poncho de Nigris to show their cars

John Cena challenged Aldo and Poncho de Nigris to show their cars

Mexico City /

John CenaLegend WWE, a strange challenge to Poncho de Negris and his nephew, Aldo Times, in the middle of the promotion of Fast and Furious 9, where he will have one of the most important roles when playing Jacob Toretto.

At Universal Pictures Mexico, the wrestler appeared in a video to ask Poncho and Aldo to present their best carsAfter announcing his participation in the film, where He will play Dominic Toretto’s brotherOne of the pillars of the epic.

“Hello, Aldo and Poncho de Negres, this is John Cena. By now, you probably already know that this summer I will be playing Jacob Toretto, brother and rival of Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) in fast and furious 9Cena hears him say.

“Mexicans have told me a lot about you, my friends, They say they love adrenaline and speed Not only on the football field, but also on the streets. I want to challenge both of you to see who has the best car. show me what you have “.

What did Poncho de Negres reply?

The conductor and the singer It didn’t take long for the fighter to respond An American with a video on TikTok where he showed two cars, with a special affection for the Mini Cooper.

“How are you, John? How long have we not seen each other man… I’m ready and ready,” De Nigris commented while showing off the Corvette, before moving on to where his favorite car was.