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Warner Bros. is looking for its new movie "Wonder Woman" - Film & TV - Culture

Warner Bros. is looking for its new movie “Wonder Woman” – Film & TV – Culture

amazing woman

Actress Gal Gadot plays Wonder Woman (2017).

Actress Gal Gadot is not among the candidates to appear in The Flash.

Warner Bros. The search for a new actress to play the role has begun ‘Wonderful woman’ (Wonder Woman), since Gal Gadot is not among the group of candidates for the next movie in the superhero universe, ‘Sparkle’.

In this way, changes in production by the movie giant continue to propose content inspired by the so-called “DC Comics expanded universe.”

Analyst Enzo Rueda, of the specialist portal Spoiler, throws his first guesses to explain the decision.

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“The first idea that came up was that The Flash was going to have a journey through time, where we would see Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton, the two actors Batman, and here we can have a wonderful woman from another world, but at the moment it is not known who will be the interpreter. The truth so far is that Gal Gadot will be returning for the third film of his character, and taking into account the latest information, it is not excluded that this will be the last thing he does within the DCEU,” explains Rueda.

Note that many changes have been made to the universe DC Comics They did not make the fans happy.

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One of the harassment was due to the dismissal of actor Henry Cavill, who is no longer Superman. “Fans have been campaigning on social media, but Warner Bros. turned a deaf ear and soon we’ll see a new translator for the character, with a new story,” Rueda says.

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