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It made $2.8 trillion in 2020

It made $2.8 trillion in 2020

The United States in 2020, thanks to Latinos, generated an economy of $2.8 billion. If the Latin American community were a sovereign republic, it would represent the fifth largest GDP on the planet. It also exceeded the GDP of countries no less important than the United Kingdom, India and France.

This data was provided by Latino Donor Collaborative, a non-commercial agency dedicated to the study of Latin American affairs. Other statistics show that Latino earnings and merchandise in the US increased in times of the coronavirus. These findings contrast with the exaggerated damage that the epidemic caused specifically to Latin colonies in North America.

The 2010-2020 golden decade with a Latin flavor

The report also reflects a comparison of various global powers in terms of GDP growth in the decade from 2010 to 2020. The North American country increased GDP by 1.7% overall, while China increased by 6.8%. Japan grew 0.3%, Germany 1%, the United Kingdom 0.6% and Latin America in the northern country raised its GDP to 3.1%.

In 2010, Latinos entered the Anglo-Saxon state coffers, $1.7 billion and ten years later they accounted for an additional 65%. Bearing in mind that positive cases of Covid-19 among Latinos have been so many, the workforce has been stimulated at an accelerating pace. This may be the basic answer to the contradiction.

The trade in service has been overburdened by Latin representation lately and at a time when there was a need for personnel. Latinos’ adaptation to the North American economy has been a key factor in responding to the global crisis caused by the pandemic.

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During the illness, the salaries of Latin Americans have risen above the payouts of those who are not. When accounting for inflation statistics, Hispanic GDP in the US territory fell by 0.8% and non-Hispanic GDP fell by 4.4%.