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Is Belinda a good daughter-in-law?  This is what Christian Nodal's parents say |  Video

Is Belinda a good daughter-in-law? This is what Christian Nodal’s parents say | Video

The couple consists of Christian Nodal And Belinda It has been very popular since its inception LinkYoung people made it clear that they don’t care what people think of their love and are only focused on living their story with their loved ones.

On the Ventaneando broadcast, they released an interview they had with the Sonoran singer’s parents about what they think of the next bond between the two singers.

Kristi Nodal And Jaime Gonzalez They were arrested at the airport in Mexico City While you are on a business trip to Guadalajara, JaliscoAsk the artist’s parents if they like it Belinda Be your son’s wife and how is their relationship with the actress too.

“From the kisses I gave you,” a reporter asks a translator director, how is Belinda as a daughter-in-law, because she’s a celebrity always in the eye of a hurricane.

In a very wise and respectful way, Jaime confined himself to answering that he should just love his son. “I don’t know about these things, they are artists and they live things like that, we are all happy, we work, we are all fine, my son should love them more than me, they are happy and we support them,” he replied.

Nodal and Belinda relationship

announced the couple link At the beginning of August 2020, Christian He uploaded a video on Instagram on the 10th of that month in which you can see a 22-year-old and a 29-year-old kissing.

And it was on May 25, 2021 when Nodal announced it through social networks Belinda He told her that if she wanted to marry him, she also posted a postcard on her account showing the blonde with a big engagement ring.

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