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iPhone 14: The launch of the iPhone 13 is not over, and the news about the cameras and screen has already begun to leak

iPhone 14: The launch of the iPhone 13 is not over, and the news about the cameras and screen has already begun to leak

iPhone 14 will have new cameras and a revamped screen. (Image: hypertext)

It hasn’t been more than a month since then An apple It introduced its new generation of mobile phones, and important information about the next generation is already leaking. Now, some specialized media reported the details of the screen iPhone 14 Pro And the cameras that could come out next year.

We know that An apple And SamsungAnd Their main supply resource, they have a difficult relationship. In addition, they recently encountered a problem with the non-approval of the production of OLED screens for the following tablets from the manufacturer of Biting Apple. It was known that Apple would resort to LG to take advantage of its technology. It appears that this agreement will continue.

This comes from a report he posted MyDriversAnd which states that LG Display has begun developing UDC (Under the Display Camera) technology

The most interesting details have been obtained is that this perforated screen will be the one that the company founded by Steve Jobs will implement. Which confirms that the next generation of Apple phones, or at least the models containing the vitamin, will finally get rid of the notch.

iPhone 14 screen changes

The specialized portal stated that the length of the screen, the structure of the rear cameras and the disposal of the “mini” device would be among the novelties that the iPhone 14 would have at its launch. ipadzat.

On the screen, the main change will be in the length of the screen. The media said that this would cover all the space without the usual “notch” where the front camera and infrared sensors are located. This area that currently covers the top of the iPhone screens, will disappear and make way for a small space inserted where the front camera would be.

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iPhone 14 rear camera changes

As for the rear cameras, the novelty is the removal of the module that makes it stand out from the device. The portal added that on the iPhone 14, all three cameras will connect directly to the device. Another novelty is the ditching of the “mini” iPhone, which is the more accessible version of Apple’s latest phones.

This way, there will be two phones with a 6.1 inch screen and two more phones with a 6.7 inch screen.Ipadizate specialized portal concluded.

This is a prototype of the iPhone 14:

Prototipo del iPhone 14. (Twitter: applezuela)
Prototipo del iPhone 14. (Twitter: applezuela)

Possible specs for iPhone 14 Pro Max

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Max are rumored to completely remove the notch, as mentioned above. The selfie camera should have a hole punch in place.

Apple is said to be placing the Face ID sensors at the bottom of the screen. The result will be an iPhone with a whole new look and feel. Another great design Consists of eliminating camera bulge.

Also, there are reports that the volume buttons will be different on the iPhone 14. In particular, the volume buttons will be circular.

Below you can see the prototype of what the iPhone 14 Pro Max will look like:

Prototipo del iPhone 14 Pro Max.  (Photo: Front Page Tech)
Prototipo del iPhone 14 Pro Max. (Photo: Front Page Tech)

Finally, we can expect a significant improvement in camera performance on the iPhone 14. A few months ago, the famous analyst said, Mingshi Kuo, He mentioned that Apple is the next generation of iPhone “You will take your mobile photography to the next level” With a 48MP sensor at the back.

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TSMC will not reach the 4nm chip for the iPhone 14

TSMC and Apple have had a very close relationship for years. The Taiwanese giant is responsible for manufacturing some of the most important parts of the company’s California phones and other devices. Among them, TSMC produces iPhone processors.

The A16 chip will not arrive on the iPhone 14. (Photo: La Neta Neta)
The A16 chip will not arrive on the iPhone 14. (Photo: La Neta Neta)

If this intermediate transition can finally be made, the iPhone 14 will benefit from the presence of nanometer technology to produce the Apple A16 Bionic, and this could mean a power increase of close to 11% and energy savings of about 22%. At the same time, the Apple A16 Bionic can increase the number of transistors by 6%. But this will happen, we repeat, if the 4 nm becomes ready in time.

However, this delay in the development of TSMC’s technology will be a relief to its competitors. Mainly for Samsung, which can narrow the gap between Koreans and Taiwanese a bit for future generations. However, Samsung said that 3nm has also been delayed until 2023, So it looks like an interesting duel between the two companies for the upcoming season.

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