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Ministro de Interior: República Dominicana está en una"situación grave" con el incremento de parturientas haitianas

Interior Minister: Dominican Republic in ‘dangerous situation’ as more women in Haiti work

The Minister of the Interior and Police, Jesus “Cho Vazquez”, noted this Sunday that the Dominican Republic is in a “dangerous situation” regarding the increase in the number of pregnant women from neighboring Haiti.

“The Haitian women in labor increased. “Before they were 15% they reached 40%,” Vasquez said, noting that the Directorate General of Migration had taken a decision to deal with the current scenario.

He emphasized that “the Dominican country not able to solve the problems of Dominican women and men; Haitians are less.

The public servant’s statements were made during the opening ceremony of the coexistence meeting “A Day in the Zorza”.

He emphasized that all foreigners who need health care are provided when it comes to this Emergency cases And it is not the Dominican Republic, if not The international community The one who should come to help that country.

“We are doing more than we can do as a nation. We cannot stand the problems of our sister country. We are the country that has helped Haiti the most.”

He indicated that it will continue Border reinforcement To prevent them from entering Dominican territory illegally.

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