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Information from Cubana de aviacion for international and domestic flights

Information from Cubana de aviacion for international and domestic flights

On October 26, the main national airline, Cubana de Aviación, reported through its official channels a new report on the status of its international flights, specifically Spanish flights, and national flights. They have given good news to their potential clients.

They report that as of today, “Cubana de Aviación is promoting the offer of tickets from €490 onwards on the Madrid-South Cuba-Habana-Madrid route. With the possibility of carrying three pieces of baggage weighing 23 kg.

They added that airline tickets can be purchased at Cubana de Aviación sales offices or through the website www.cubana.cu. Currently, these are the only international flights operated by this company, after suspending the flights it was taking to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

As for domestic flights, Cubana de Aviación initially posted a message on Telegram announcing the return of the Havana-Holguín route, but later deleted this information and said, “We still don’t have that confirmation.” Apparently, they reversed these links.

A week ago, the reality of domestic flights was the same. “I would like to know if domestic flights have already started,” a user on the airline’s Telegram channel asked, to which they replied “we haven’t flown yet.”

Cuban flight information

As for the international links between Cuba and Argentina that occurred at some point between the two countries from Cuba, they made it clear that they had “no information” about it.

This situation with links with Ezeiza Airport in Buenos Aires has been going on for several months, when a conflict broke out with Argentine tourists whose return flights were delayed for several days and had to stay stuck in hotels on the island. They have thought.

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As for the domestic flights, between Santiago and Havana, which are sold sporadically on the international route from Madrid, they also clarified that “there is no availability”. The same answer they have been giving for months.