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Indiana residents thought there was an explosion, but it turned out to be a meteorite

(CNN) – It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a meteor streaking across the Indiana night sky.

Residents of Hamilton County, Indiana, got an out-of-this-world chance to see a meteor on Friday night.

Residents reported what they thought was an explosion due to the loud sound and flashing lights, According to the tweet Hamilton County Emergency Management.

The agency’s “current theory” says that the sound and light were caused by a meteor boom.

Hamilton County Emergency Management reported that pilots in Kentucky spotted a meteor to the north, and a lightning detection center picked up signals over Carroll County.

Video clips taken by residents and Published by WTHRInc., a CNN affiliate, shows a bright light streaking across the sky. Several videos also captured the rumbling sound of the meteor.

Hamilton County Emergency Management to thank to the National Weather Service and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to help them “quickly figure out what happened.”

A meteorite is a piece of space rock that enters the Earth’s atmosphere. According to NASA. The bright line with the “meteorite” appearance is actually the extremely hot air that the meteorite produces. Rocks generally burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere before they reach the ground.

The Indiana strobe lights fell during the Lyrids, one of the oldest meteor showers on record. Meteor showers are expected to be more frequent on Saturday night until the early hours of Sunday morning.

Hamilton County is located in central Indiana.

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