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In Chile they say in the Byron Castillo case: 'The scope of habeas corpus is limited by the Constitution and laws of Ecuador' |  football |  Sports

In Chile they say in the Byron Castillo case: ‘The scope of habeas corpus is limited by the Constitution and laws of Ecuador’ | football | Sports

The Chilean Football Association (ANFP) insists on its allegations regarding the alleged improper fit of Ecuadorean team defender Byron Castillo, despite the court ruling and the allegations of his Ecuadorean counterpart (FEF) considering that the case is still open.

The ANFP legal team believes that the use of “subpoena” does not clarify existing doubts about the origin of Castillo, who could have been born in the Colombian town of Tumaco on July 25, 1995, and not in the Ecuadorean town of General Villamil on November 10, 1998.

We do not reject in any way the content of the sentence. On the contrary, we recognize this with regard to the judicial authorities in Ecuador,” explains the explanatory document of the defense of the Afghan National Agency.

However, what we want to make clear is that what FEF claims is not mentioned in the sentence. As we have explained, the scope of data acquisition is limited by the constitution and laws of Ecuador,” he adds.

“There has been no legal evaluation of the evidence regarding birth certificate fraud, because the sentence itself states that this must occur in a timely legal proceeding, whose jurisdiction will be criminal justice, since public document forgery qualifies as a crime,” the text continues. .

Last Thursday, the National Football Association (ANFP) filed a complaint with the International Football Association (FIFA) against the Ecuadorean Football Federation and player Byron David Castillo for “using a false birth certificate”, and demanded the imposition of a penalty from the FIFA Disciplinary Committee against this country, Who was qualified for the Qatar national team. World Cup 2022 fourth place in the South American qualifiers.

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“There is endless evidence that the player was born in Colombia (…) investigations conducted in Ecuador, including a legal report from the National Civil Registry Office, declared inconsistencies in the birth certificate provided by the player,” the Afghan National News Agency confirmed. “.

Obviously, all this was well known by FIFA. He concluded by saying, “The world of football cannot close its eyes to so many tests.”

Once FIFA was informed of the complaint, Ecuador issued a statement calling Chile’s allegations “unfounded rumors spread by public opinion” and insisting Castillo is a legal Ecuadorean citizen.

Before confirming its willingness to cooperate with FIFA, FIFA has submitted all the required documents.

ANFP based its case on the trial held last April in Quito in which lawyer Luigi Garcia presented an alleged birth certificate registered in Tumaco, a town in the Colombian province of Nariño, which corresponds to the footballer under the name Byron Javier. Seguro, date of birth July 25, 1995.

However, after several years of investigations, Castillo’s Ecuadorean citizenship was approved last year by the Ecuadorean justice with a ruling that registered the player, of Colombian parents, as Byron David Castillo Segura, born on November 10, 1998 in the coastal province. Guayas.

A possible FIFA penalty involving Ecuador deductions for matches played by Castillo could see Chile enter Group A at Qatar 2022, along with the host country, the Netherlands and Senegal. (Dr)