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imposition or technical decision? The real reason why Victor Guzman started for Chivas against Toluca on the 3rd of the Clausura 2023

MX League

The rojiblancos will face the difficult task of adding to their first home win, with several changes to the squad that the Serbian coach has worked with this week.

© Imago 7imposition or technical decision? The real reason why Victor Guzman started for Chivas against Toluca on the 3rd of the Clausura 2023

For Chivas de Guadalajara, it will be a key match for Toluca’s reception on Saturday, January 21, in the third round. At Akron Stadium the only task will be to try to get a victory that convinces the fans of it The project is on track under the orders of coach Veljko Paunović, who will make several changes to the starting line-up.

despite of Holy Herd have four units as a result of the victory over Monterrey and the goalless draw against San Luis. in round 2, What worried the leadership most was the operation they showed with some offensive variants and the lack of clear access to enemy territory, which is why new additions to this new commitment have been announced within.

With Alexis Vega injured, Paunović will certainly have to adjust his scheme and it looks like Carlos Cisneros will occupy that area. From the court forward on the left sidewhile Daniel Rios, Victor Guzman, Christian Calderón and Alan Mozzo also draw to start the duel Against the Red Devils, as the wave of criticism of the Serbian coach was not long in coming the previous week when he made it clear that Pocho and Ríos were not yet ready to play.

Pocho Guzmán as a starter, imposing or technical decision?

This was on Friday, January 20th, when he was coach Guadalajara stated in a press conference that Pocho Guzmán will be the start of a duel with the Mexicans, Satisfying the Rojiblanco fans, who see the attacking midfielder as one of the most important solutions To provide better results, however, questions began to be raised about this new position of shepherd of the flock.

vote What do you think of Bonovic’s work so far?

What do you think of Bonovic’s work so far?

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In the program La Última Palabra, the former player from Guadalajara, Rafael Márquez Lugo hinted that the youth squad’s incursion could be an imposition of leadership. And not so much because Paunović decided so, as commentator Alex Blanco pointed out: “The Guzman thing was magical, Rafa recovered physically within four days or they would have pulled his ears off the top.” “You should play reinforcements,” they told him. Broadcast connector indicated.

“It could be, it could be, and I’ll get it after you didn’t put him down for 75 minutes with another guy and you didn’t put him down? Now, don’t throw it out as a headline, please.” Marquis Lugo added.

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