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Cierran pasos ilegales en la autopista Duarte

Illegal crossings are closed on the Duarte Highway

The Ministry of Public Works announced yesterday the final closure of 53 illegal crossings and returns on the Duarte Expressway, as part of the restoration, redesign and expansion of the important road

The Director of the Military and Police Committee of the Ministry of Public Works and Communications (COMIPOL), General Rafael Vásquez Espinola, has overseen the works that include 300 closures on 137 kilometers of the highway, from Santiago to Santo Domingo.

He explained that the closure of illegal crossings on the Duarte Highway has for years been a demand from neighboring communities.

Among the closed crossings are the illegal crossings at La Ortega, Burinde and Guaco, which according to the director of COMPOL, will allow traffic accidents to be part of history at those points.

support for
Comipol is responsible for providing security to the contractor company responsible for the reconstruction, beautification and security of Duarte Highway.

“Comipol provides support, provides security for the closure in La Ortega, where there were a large number of traffic accidents according to the statistics of previous years,” said Vásquez Espinola.


The Comipol manager who supervised the works on the Duare highway, confirmed that the necessary coordination has been made to make returns safer, and that it does not affect the freedom of movement of all those who pass daily through the place.

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