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“If he does not leave, it is for the club’s benefit.”

“If he does not leave, it is for the club’s benefit.”


real madrid coach, Carlo AncelottiThis Friday, he praised the quarry of BarcelonaBut he noted that “we also have youngsters with an amazing future,” ahead of the classic match against Barcelona on Saturday.

“The guys enjoyed this moment because they are the first team (from Barcelona) “He had a lot of injuries,” he said. “They benefited from the quality of the youth team.” Ancelotti In the press conference before the 11th round match of the league.

“I love them all very much,” the Merengue coach added, referring to players like Lamine. Yamal, Fermin Lopez Or the most recent, Marc Guyot.

“They are young men with a great future, but we also have young men with an amazing future: Bellingham is very young; Vinicius “He’s very small, Camavinga is very small…” he explained.

“If you have a lot of injuries during the season, you have to integrate young people, we have three or four who are very close to playing with the first team,” Ancelotti insisted on the doors of a classic match that they reached “with motivation.” “

“It is an important match, worth the three points, but it is worth a lot in team dynamics. At the classification level, the season is very long and it is too early to say that it is decisive,” the Italian coach said.

“The league will be very competitive until the end,” added Ancelotti, who explained that J.Audi Bellingham He will be on the field on Saturday Olympic Louis Company.

“He will play tomorrow because he is fine, he has recovered well,” Ancelotti said after the Englishman recovered from some discomfort he noticed after the Champions League match against Sporting Braga on Tuesday (2-1 win).

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He said: “I feel good and I continue to work a little to reach the match in the best conditions.” Bellingham Thursday in an interview with Spanish public television.

A win on Saturday would boost the Merengues to the top of the league standings and could leave them at the top alone if Girona fail on Friday against Celta Vigo.

Full press conference


“Bellingham will play because he is fine. He has recovered and is training today. He recovered well yesterday and the burden that was on him has been lifted. He does not need to explain what El Clásico is because the professionals watch all the matches and everyone knows what El Clásico is. It is a match that everyone watches and it is one of the most important matches “.

left side

“Camavinga did a good job. Mendy has an advantage because he was rested for the Champions League match. I have confidence in everyone. The probability that a player will start and finish the game is very small. I know that whoever will not start the match will also contribute a lot. Everyone is convinced of this, whether those “Those who play from the beginning or those who come on the bench.”

The value of victory

“It’s just one game but it’s important. It’s three points but it’s worth a lot for the team dynamic. It’s important for everyone, and for the team too, but the season is very long and it’s too early to say that this match is decisive in terms of points. There are many teams that are fighting, like Girona And Atletico, and the league will be very competitive until the end.”

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Alternative Modric

“They are all professional and do not ask for explanations. In the same way, I usually do not give explanations to those who do not play. It is nothing to worry about.”

How do you see the team?

“It’s an important and special match, with great motivation. It will be the first Clásico of the season, but there will be more: the Super Cup, the second leg, the cup, the Champions League… There are a lot of chances to meet again, and I have a feeling that tomorrow will only be the first. We arrived fine.”

What worries you most about Barcelona?

“They are a great team overall, both attacking and defending. This year, quality youngsters have come in. We expect the same Barcelona performance as always.”

What made you decide not to include Kroos in the starting lineup… and now you do?

“We are working with a new system and things change, and sometimes we take turns to renew and stimulate the block. Nothing else.”

Florentino, in Montjuïc

“What I know is that the decisions the president makes are for the club’s benefit. Everything he decides is for the club’s benefit.”