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'I love you so much': An unexpected encounter between Adamari López and Jacky Bracamontes

‘I love you so much’: An unexpected encounter between Adamari López and Jacky Bracamontes

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Jackie Bracamontes Take the opportunity to say Adamari Lopez how much he loves her during an unexpected meeting between them. The actresses are currently on vacation with their families in the cold mountains of Colorado.

Through his social networks, Jacky Bracamontes shared a series of photos that made them know it together Martin Fuentes And his five daughters went on a trip to Vail. Since then the couple has not ceased to boast about the best moments spent as a family.

after few days, Tony Costa We shared that Ala had gone on the ice with her mom and Adamari Lopez confirmed it hours later. With a story in which her daughter was seen walking and exploding in the snow, the actress announced that she was indeed in Colorado.

Adamari Lopez and Jackie Bracamontes have an unexpected meeting during their vacation

And through the official account of the “Friends and Rivals” actress on Instagram, it was announced that the duo stopped to greet each other. In the shared video in the stories you see Adamari Lopez And to Jackie Bracamontes fully dressed in ski clothes, she asks: “how did you know me?“.

Instagram stories

Both of them took photos and videos posted by Adamari and told his followers: “We met… Let’s see if they get to know her. Hint: I like it very much“.

Watch here the video of the meeting between Adamari Lopez and Jackie Bracamontes: