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Hunters Moon: You can appreciate this phenomenon from Puerto Rico for two nights

Hunters Moon: You can appreciate this phenomenon from Puerto Rico for two nights

Over two consecutive nights, starting on Tuesday, Puerto Rico will be able to appreciate moon hunter After hiding the sun.

This astronomical event is nothing more than the moon in its full phase, but with the peculiarity that it will be 99.5% illuminated.

Today the moon will be almost completely lit. Today and tomorrow we will be able to estimate that the moon is in its full phases. Eddie Irisari, Vice President of Caribbean Astronomy Society (bag).

However, Irisari noted that since the largest moon-illumination event will be in the early hours of Wednesday, the appearance of the moon during tomorrow night will be more abundant.

The moon rises today between 5:45 pm and 6:00 pm

“At that time, a person who has little or no obstacle on the horizon will be able to see the moon easily,” the expert said.

this time, The moon will not have any particular color, but its illumination is characteristic of the season in which it occurs.

According to Erizari, the moon event between today and tomorrow is known as the hunter’s moon, because when it occurred hundreds of years ago, it allowed hunters to locate their prey.

“It is generally known as the hunter’s moon because it is a full, well-lit moon, and supposedly allowed those devoted to hunting to see everything at night more easily.”abounded.

In addition to illumination, this astronomical event is recognized because it implies that from now on the moon will appear earlier after sunset versus other seasons of the year.

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“As we are in the fall, the tilt of the path through which the moon passes causes that on each subsequent night we will see the moon appear 34 minutes later than each subsequent night. However, in other words, this technically will appear earlier after sunset, because the average The time it takes for the moon to appear after sunset is one hour or 50 minutes,” Irisari explained.

Therefore, the moon will appear tomorrow between 6:15 pm and 6:45 pm, approximately 30-35 minutes away from today’s time.

Starting today, the moon will also begin to rise more and more to the left, if a point on the horizon is taken into account.

This year’s Hunter’s Moon coincides with the Orionid meteor shower, which will have its peak period at dawn on October 21 and will be visible from Puerto Rico.