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How to install tvOS 17 beta on your Apple TV

How to install tvOS 17 beta on your Apple TV

We tell you how to download and install tvOS 17 beta.

The tvOS 17 installation process is very simple

Celebrating the 2023 WWDC has given a lot of play. Many new Mac computers have been introduced, as well as software improvements implemented in new versions of Apple’s operating systems. The conference presented iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS Sonoma, Apple Vision Pro, and more.

Recently, we told you how to install iOS 17 beta and how to install iPadOS 17 beta. Now we’ll do the same with tvOS, the Apple TV operating system. Here we tell you everything you need to know Install tvOS 17 beta on your Apple TV.

What’s new in tvOS 17

tvOS 17

Apple didn’t implement a ton of new features in tvOS 17, but to be fair, this is a much better software update than previous years’ updates. In addition, the few features that have been brought into the Apple TV operating system are very useful.

First of all, tvOS 17 features Multi user support So that each family member can have their own apps. In addition, it has been completely redesigned Control Center from tvOS 17 and integrated face time On Apple TV to continue on TV with video calls starting from your iPhone and iPad.

How to install tvOS 17 beta on Apple TV

tvOS 17

Download and install tvOS 17 beta

tvOS 17 Developer Beta is now available on Apple TV for the first time ever, and you can download and install it as follows:

  • Open the app settings on your Apple TV.
  • Select next System.
  • Then access Program updates.
  • Click on Get beta updates.
  • Finally select the option developer of tvOS 17 Beta on your Apple TV.
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From now on, if you follow all the steps, you will be able to download and install tvOS 17 beta on your Apple TV.

Apple TV models are compatible with tvOS 17

The new tvOS 17 software update excludes the original Apple TV, which will not be able to install the new update. This is a list of Apple TV models that are compatible with tvOS 17.

  • Apple TV 4K: 1st generation (2017)
  • Apple TV 4K: 2nd generation (2021)
  • Apple TV 4K: 3rd generation (2022)
  • Apple TV HD: 2nd generation (2021)
  • Apple TV HD: 1st generation (2015)

Remember that beta versions of Apple software are designed to report potential errors and system crashes. Therefore, this can be understood tvOS 17 stability may not be the best option. Install tvOS 17 on your Apple TV at your own risk.