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How to Apply for Family Reunification Parole?

How to Apply for Family Reunification Parole?

Miami — Immigration attorneys have issued a new warning to humanitarian parole applicants not to duplicate an application for a beneficiary, as that could invalidate the chance of acceptance or cause additional delay.

On its part, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will clarify that a new form should not be filed on behalf of the same beneficiary because instead of expediting the process, it may cause additional delay.

According to the Joe Biden administration, humanitarian parole is used by someone who is temporarily inadmissible to the United States for an urgent and urgent humanitarian reason or significant public interest.

One of the latest measures announced in terms of immigration is that citizens of Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras may be eligible for the program. Parole of Family reunification (FRP), which is the administration of President Joe Biden, It was launched this week with the aim of reducing irregular immigration.

The State Department said the new process is designed for citizens of the four beneficiary countries and that they must meet certain requirements for that purpose; A key one is having relatives who are US citizens or lawful permanent residents who have filed a petition (I-130) with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (USCIS) and been approved to join their family in the US.

Spouses, children, siblings of U.S. citizens or permanent residents residing outside the U.S. with an approved petition and meeting the medical and immunization requirements, essential immigration requirements, as promulgated by the United Nations. State Govt.

“Specifically, citizens of these countries may be considered for parole on a case-by-case basis for up to three years while waiting to apply to become lawful permanent residents.”

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This means that beneficiaries can do so within the United States through family reunification parole, rather than waiting for a lengthy process in the country of origin.

Family reunification processes are available for citizens of four countries, according to USCIS Invitation only For the submitted petitioners Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relativealready approved by that federal agency on behalf of a national beneficiary from Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, or Honduras.

“These processes allow Eligible Beneficiary to stay in the U.S. temporarily, on a case-by-case basis, while they wait for their family-based immigrant visa,” USCIS says. Immigrant visas are a process handled by the State Department. There’s also a long wait.

“Invitations to participate in these processes are sent to certain petitioners whose Forms I-130 are approved. Petitioners who receive invitations may file Form I-134A, Online Application and Statement of Financial Aid to become a Support Person (Sponsor)of Principal and Derivative Beneficiaries of Form I-130,” USCIS explains.

The agency explained that a separate Form I-134A must be submitted for each beneficiary. “If USCIS determines that the petitioner’s Form I-134A is adequate, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will complete a security investigation of each beneficiary and consider each beneficiary for travel authorization on an individual basis.”

If USCIS issues advance travel authorization to the beneficiary, the beneficiary may come to the US Department of the Interior to apply for discretionary parole for temporary stay. If you are granted such permission, you can wait in the United States until your immigrant visa is available and, if you are eligible, apply to adjust your status to permanent resident status.

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The government announced that those receiving temporary permits under a process known in the United States as “parole” may seek employment authorization upon arrival in the United States.

“These new processes promote family unity and provide legal pathways consistent with our laws and our values,” said National Defense Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.. “The Department has shown that expanding safe, orderly and legal pathways, combined with stronger enforcement efforts, can be effective in reducing irregular and dangerous migration to the United States,” Mayorkas said.

To find out more about the documents or if they have already sent an email with an invitation, you need to enter USCIS website.