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How likely is it that Donald Trump will end up convicted by the US justice system?  – USA – International

How likely is it that Donald Trump will end up convicted by the US justice system? – USA – International

Those opportunities Former US President Donald Trump I’m done Condemnation in some Four processes he faces in that country’s courts They are growing like foam.

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Especially with the lawsuits he faces for his efforts at the state (Georgia) and federal level 2020 election results should be ignored lost Joe Biden.

In both processes, many of those involved have entered into plea and/or cooperation agreements, including counsel, lawyers and those being investigated for their role in the effort. Georgia Attorney General’s Office and Special Counsel Jack Smith (who is leading the federal investigation) were not prosecuted in exchange for reduced sentences or for their role in the conspiracy.

Over the past few weeks, several former Trump lawyers and officials have accused the Georgia case of wrongdoing They pleaded guilty and testified to prosecutors in exchange for reduced sentences.

Among them are Jenna Ellis, Kenneth Chesbro, Sydney Powell and Scott Hall.

Similarly, in the federal case involving Smith, others have testified Cassidy Hutchinson, Eric Hershman and Jeffrey Rosen.

But this week, the newspaper The Washington Post They revealed some excerpts from their statements Ellis, Chesbro, Powell and Hall.

Key witnesses revealed this in court

We don’t want people to know we lost, Mark (Meadows).

In the cases of Hutchinson, Hershman and Rosen, they have already testified before Congress and are now cooperating with authorities in the federal process.

Trump’s serious point is that what everyone has announced undermines the former president’s core argument in both processes: He said that his actions were justified as he always believed that he had won the election and in any case, he was only following the legal recommendations of his lawyers.

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Ellis, for example, told Dan Scavino, one of Trump’s closest advisers, that his chances of running for reelection were over. According to him, Scavino responded that this was inappropriate and that his boss (Trump) had already decided not to leave the White House.

“Well, we don’t care, we’re not going to leave. The boss is not going to leave under any circumstances. “We’re going to be in power,” Ellis said of Scavino’s response.

Confessions of four former associates of Donald Trump leaked to the media.


Capturing leaks to the media.

In a taped statement released by the Post, Chesbro talked about a White House meeting in which he briefed Trump on the electoral challenges in Arizona and summarized a memo. Even if Biden wins the election, vote him out when the results are certified.

This testimony would undermine any defense claim that the president did not know about the voter-switching program and that it was illegal.

Hutchinson, in another statement, said he had informed both the president and his chief of staff, Mark Meadows, about the Supreme Court ruling.

“People don’t want to know we lost, Mark (Grass). It’s a shame. Fix it. We have to figure it out,” Hutchinson said. Another proof that Trump knew he was losing the election.

Powell, for his part, said at the end of the effort that Trump heeded only his and others’ advice. Rudy Giuliani -another lawyer for the former president- because they were the only ones out of his entire lawyers who didn’t tell him the case had failed.

For their part, Hershman and Rosen said they told Trump the plan to create bogus voters and then-Vice President Mike Pence to ignore the election results was “crazy.”

What do these statements prove?

According to Jennifer Rubin, columnist The Washington PostWhat these reports show is that Trump knew he was losing the election As such, he acted with “criminal intent,” which prosecutors accuse him of in both cases.

All of the above have reached agreements with authorities and are expected to testify for prosecutors as they try to prove their case before a jury beginning in March next year.

Of course, the jury will have the last word. But what’s revealed by the Post and what’s known from testimony before Congress suggests that both Smith and Fannie Willis (the attorney in the Georgia case) have a powerful case against the former president on their hands.

Although the Georgia case won’t be settled before 2025, Smith’s case could end in June or July of next year.

If Republicans elect Trump in the primary process, they will reach the November election with a candidate who has already been convicted of trying to ignore the results of past elections.

Sergio Gomez Maseri
EL TIEMPO Correspondent
On Twitter @sergom68