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A former school board member charged with fraud and theft has had his bail reduced

A former school board member charged with fraud and theft has had his bail reduced

MIAMI.- Luppi Navarro, the former vice president of the Miami-Dade school board who was arrested Thursday on fraud and theft charges, had his bail reduced Friday, his attorney said, in a move that could keep the accused out of jail. hour in the future.

A trial judge had set Navarro's bail at $2 million for parole, but another magistrate on Friday lowered it to $100,000.

The indictment against Navarro, 49, indicates he used the school district's credit cards to make more than $100,000 in personal purchases in 2022.

Navarro resigned his position in December 2022 before HB 7001 took effect, which prohibits elected public officials from representing the interests of third parties.

Alleged expenses for Navarro include food, household items, vacations and two fake pregnancies as she allegedly tried to win her ex-boyfriend back.

The state attorney's office provided details of the case at a press conference Thursday. Navarro's attorney said he will be released from prison on house arrest and prove the legality of the bail. He also announced that his client would defend himself against the allegations.

Prosecutor Benedict P Kuehne issued a statement saying: “Ms Navarro has every intention of prevailing in this case. “This attempt to tarnish his well-deserved reputation as an honest and properly motivated social worker is unjustified.”

“Miami-Dade County Public Schools has been notified of the recent arrest of former school board member Luppi Navarro,” a Miami-Dade County Public Schools spokeswoman said in a written statement.

“As the case is still open, we will not comment on the situation. We will fully cooperate with law enforcement agencies as necessary,” he added.

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The former school board member represented District 7 in the Miami-Dade school district hierarchy after being appointed by then-Republican Gov. Rick Scott in 2015. He was later elected to the post in 2016.

Navarro began her public service career in 1995 as a legislative aide to members of the Florida Congress.

Additionally, he assumed other duties for the Miami-Dade County Public Schools and Board of County Commissioners.