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How do you know if your cell phone has been interfered with and how to prevent it?

How do you know if your cell phone has been interfered with and how to prevent it?

If when talking about Telephone You hear strange sounds, unknown numbers appear in your call history that you have not made or your battery does not last as long as before, beware that your cell phone IntervenedWe tell you how to check it so that it is not a victim of hackers.

A benefit of current technology is to control the appliances in your home, whether it’s lighting, sound, or the climate. But these benefits can also create problems because they expose your phone to hackers who can steal your personal information. If you think your phone has been tapped, here’s how to find out.

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You have unknown numbers in your call log: If when reviewing incoming and outgoing calls in detail you see numbers that you did not make, then one of the ways to hack your cell phone is to duplicate your line and use your service, all this is charged to your bill.

Your data bill is too high: If you find extra charges on your payment receipt, that’s a sign that your cell phone is being bugged, because the person doing this needs to send you information like passwords, locations, emails and files, and these are additions to your regular account.

You have unknown apps that you have not installed: There are applications that allow strangers to spy on your cell phone, from incoming calls, to passwords and users entering other applications, the good thing about modern phones is that it is almost impossible to hide them from view, you can check this in the list of installed applications and delete applications that you do not know .

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You hear strange noises on your calls: Interference or echo noise when making calls is an example of recording your calls.

Your battery lasts much less: The apps that spy on your cell phone consume a lot of power and also if your cell phone gets hot, even if you are not using it, it means that there is an application running in the background.

What do you do if your cell phone is bugged?

These are some of the measures you can take so that they do not spy on you through your cell phone:

  • Always keep your cell phone operating system updated.
  • Never install applications outside the official store of your cell phone
  • Install an antivirus for your cell phone
  • Don’t forget your cell phone
  • You have a password for your home screen
  • Do not jailbreak or root your phone

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