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"homeOS" will be Apple's next home operating system according to a job offer from the company

“homeOS” will be Apple’s next home operating system according to a job offer from the company

One of the job offers on Apple’s website that specifically focuses on all job vacancies The person who is looking for a software engineer to work in Apple Music serviceSpecifies that it will work with operating systems “iOS, watchOS, tvOS, homeOS”, the latter has not been publishedBecause Apple never introduced it or talked about it. The information that comes to us thanks to the Catalan developer Juan Louise Diaz.

Also, in the same view, Apple also refers to this operating system as “mobile.”, something that can give an idea of ​​its presence in mobile devices (such as iPhone or iPad), and not just in stationary mode (such as HomePod or Apple TV). Literally Show “The Apple Music Frameworks team owns the suite of technology that enables the Apple Music experience built into the system on all of our mobile platforms: iOS, watchOS and homeOS.” In that list of three, it repeats the previous list, but excludes tvOS, which is not part of Apple’s mobile systems.

Rumored system for HomePod with Apple TV built in

This face-to-face job offer, for a position in Cupertino, in Apple ParkAccording to Apple, “This team is more than just a group of engineers, it is a group of music lovers.” Requirements are in-depth knowledge of Objective-C, C and C++; Systems Programming and CS Core among others.

An upcoming operating system called homeOS perfectly connects to past months’ rumors and Mark Gorman leaks On Refurbished HomePod with Apple TV built in. Today’s HomePods switched from iOS to tvOS, the operating system for Apple TV devices. Soon we can see another third change to a certain home system.

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Another rumor from March of this year talked about how Apple You may develop your own HomeKit accessories, until today it can only be accessed through third-party products. homeOS can also understand this rumor and the fact that Apple considers it a mobile operating system, when a priori The current portfolio of products able to be incorporated is a fixed position (HomePod miniAnd the Camel), regardless of potential future entrants such as those mentioned.

The WWDC around the corner, and This would be the perfect setup to announce this new home platform, although it may still be in an early stage of development and it is not yet time to make it public. So far there have been no specific rumors about Apple’s upcoming operating system. On Monday, June 7, we can probably get out of the doubt.