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Hidden WhatsApp, How to Hide Android and iOS Chats

Hidden WhatsApp, How to Hide Android and iOS Chats

.’s app The WhatsAppis a messaging tool that is currently one of the most popular in Mexico, and among its many functions, it values ​​privacy for its users, such as the status of activating ghost mode and deactivating blue popcorn, among others.

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you don’t want to see your chats without having to delete them, either to hide family or workgroups without deleting them or see your notifications at all times. Here we show you how whether your operating system is Android or iOS.

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Archive individual or group chats on Android

With this function it will not be deleted and will not save a backup, so you should follow these steps:

  • In the Chats tab, tap and hold the conversation you want to hide.
  • You will get a menu, where you will press “Archive”.
  • This will take you to the hidden tab that you can find at the top of the conversations, called Archived.

If for some reason you want to archive all conversations, just go to Chats, then More Options and Settings.

You can click on Chats and History and then archive all chats.

If you want to unarchive it, just go to the Archived tab, select the tag you want to unarchive, hold down the conversation and click Unarchive.

Archive in iOS

It works the same as with Android, just the archived tab or section at the bottom of the conversations, where you can search for it after you archive it.

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You can also unarchive a conversation manually, by searching for the person’s contact name, tap and hold on the conversation and you will get the option to unarchive.

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