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Google searches just got more realistic

Google searches just got more realistic

A breakthrough in the search for The Google It was presented May 11 at an I/O conference led by Sundar Pichai in Mountain View.

Google has announced an expansion in Lens called Scene Exploration that will allow a product to “explore” its environment, identify products and even filter in real time, as well as further improvements to multiple search.

What will lead to the most realistic searches:

  • Multiple Search is one of Google’s biggest updates to search in some time, offering the ability to use an image as a starting point for a search and then add more specific details afterwards: “For example, let’s say you see a colorful dish online that you’d like to try, but don’t know What’s inside or what’s called. When you use multiple search to find it near you, Google scans millions of photos and reviews posted on web pages, and from our community of map contributors, to find results about nearby places serving the dish so you can enjoy it for yourself.”
  • Scene scanning in Google Lens will allow your phone to identify various products or objects around you, simply by moving the camera around the scene to gather information.

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