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He’s from Puerto Rico, works at a restaurant in Virginia, and was surprised to reveal how many dollars he earns per month.

He’s from Puerto Rico, works at a restaurant in Virginia, and was surprised to reveal how many dollars he earns per month.

Working in America is a different experience for everyone. Some earn salaries based on the minimum wage, while others approach higher positions. In the case A Puerto Rican girl Immigrant in Virginia earns several thousand dollars a monthHe himself confirmed it in a recent video.

TikTok user @Migrating The Puerto Rican released a clip giving all the details of his mission. They usually post some of the experiences of other expats who have settled in a North American country on their account. The aim is for other foreigners to take them as a reference or to make them more aware of the country’s features.

Neysa, the worker, promised Has been in the US for over two years and works in a fast food restaurant. Over time, he has worked his way up and is now the boss. That position on the organizational chart makes her successful Salary US$5,000 to US$6,000 every month.

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A Puerto Rican woman earns thousands of dollars a month

The video in which he revealed the amount created an impact and has received over 500,000 views so far. some people They could not believe that the worker was being paid so much, at least from their point of view. There were those who congratulated her for her efforts and wished her to one day get a job like hers. Other users pointed out that he is a citizen of Puerto Rico, which would give him more privileges. “I don’t believe it”; “citizens by their birth”; “Where to apply for that job?”; “This is when you want to move on”; “He failed to say how many hours a week he works … It doesn’t appear here.”

Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory under the sovereignty of the United States Congress. For this reason, for decades, people born in that country have had the opportunity to become US citizens by birthright. However, they do not enjoy the same political benefits as US citizens. For example, they are not allowed to participate in presidential elections. However, you have access to all the legitimate rights of other natural persons, such as working and living legally in the country.

To become a US citizen, you must first be a permanent resident, in most casesArchive

The minimum wage in the United States is $7.25 an hour by federal law. However, this varies from region to region depending on cost of living, unemployment percentage and other factors. Thanks to each state’s laws, the rate nearly doubles in some. In Washington, California or Massachusetts, they pay up to $15 for every hour of work. There are cases where employees are given bonuses for working more than their allotted hours in a week.

There are other places nationally that respect the amount and pay their workers minimum wage. For Virginia, the state where the woman who exposed herself on TikTok lives, the base fee is US$12. A recent report by the Department of Labor.


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