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Health university, among the best practices in emotional well-being

In the framework of the Second Congress of Health-Promoting Universities, which was held in Burgos at the beginning of November, its President, Anthony Aguilo, awarded the Rey Juan Carlos University an appreciation for its work in the field of emotional well-being through the Health University Program. This distinction was joined by the President of the Ibero-American Network of Health Promoting Universities, Hiram Arroyo, and Doctor Emeritus by URJC

At this same conference, the book: “Campus and Healthy Citizenship: Studies for Comprehensive Health Promotion in the Ibero-American Region” was presented. In this volume, thirteen eminent personalities in the field are selected from among all the experiences given by the Ibero-American universities. Among them, there are several that have been implemented under the URJC’s Universidad Salidable Program, on emotional well-being.

In addition, a few weeks ago, those in charge of the program, Ainhua Romero and Silvia Cruz, participated in the “Ibero-American Conference of Health Promoting Universities”, held in the Portuguese city of Coimbra, where they presented several papers to present the work done in the said program in terms of health promotion .

Line: URJC

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