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He was about to throw away his lottery ticket, but a sandwich changed his life

He was about to throw away his lottery ticket, but a sandwich changed his life

An Iowa girl He was about to throw away his lottery ticket Because he didn’t think he had a chance of winning a prize. However, he did not know that his scratch card held one of the largest wells at the time. The decision to buy a sandwich changed her mindShe didn’t throw away the ticket, which made her realize she had thousands of dollars.

Stacey Frisbe, 43, of Waterloo. According to 11 message, Hit It Big! He had bought a scratch-off game pass that cost US$10 in his home town. However, I had no hope of winning because I knew hundreds of others were searching for the same, so the chances were slim.

Frisbe had the ticket in his possession Before getting rid of it, he decided to go to another store to buy something to eat, specifically a sandwich.. On the way, she finds a lottery machine that can scan her result and as she passes by, she decides to follow the procedure, which is her best decision because she discovers that she is the owner of America. $100,000. He immediately went to the state lottery office in Cedar Rapids on Friday, May 12 to claim his prize. “I don’t think I’m a winner,” said the woman.

Iowa Lottery post to announce winner@ialottery/Twitter

She won her sixth jackpot in the game and is now planning what to do with the money. He told lottery officials: He will use it to go on vacation and wants to start a business when he returns. The organization posted a picture of the woman with the check in her hands, where her smile expressed happiness for reaching the goal.

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This is not the first time that someone doubts whether they have won the lottery or not. Many people find it hard to believe when it happens to them because the chances are so low. Recently, a Michigan woman She was upset to see someone hit the $417,000 jackpot, only to realize seconds later that it was her.. His emotions were intense, ranging from disappointment to ecstasy.

A Michigan woman won the lotteryUnsplash

In late April, the 63-year-old woman bought a ticket for a fantasy game online, she was quoted as saying in the reports. New York Journal: “Normally I buy tickets online and bought ten for this raffle. I checked the winning numbers the other day and was dismayed to see that someone else had hit the jackpot (…) The possibility that it was me never crossed my mind. In her case, she showed the result to her husband between screams, horrified by her reaction: “He ran upstairs because he thought something was wrong. When I showed him how much I won, he was in disbelief,” she said of the lottery after collecting her big prize.