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A woman discovers that apart from being her daughter’s mother, she is also her uncle

A woman discovers that apart from being her daughter’s mother, she is also her uncle

The singer and model is what scientists call a chimera, meaning she carries DNA from more than one fetus.

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As explained WikipediaA gene is the molecular unit of genetic inheritance Stores genetic information and allows transmission to offspring.

The problem is that by analyzing these genes, we can find out Big shocking surprises. Cases that confuse even experts, of course they have their theories.

In one of those cases, American model and singer Taylor Muhl discovered it after a routine check-up on her daughter. She is not only his mother but also his uncle.

This is because the woman is absorbed in the first moments of her own pregnancy Genetic information of a twin brother Not coming into shape. So it contains the genetic information of both.

Taylor Muhl

Joan Younis, a researcher who sourced this strange case DNA On top of that Columbia University, In International Symposium on Human Identity, Washington DC.


In Greek mythology, a chimera is a monster with the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a snake. In biology, a chimera is made up of an individual Cells from more than one set of DNA.

last year, Two cases of human chimeras made headlines. First California singer Taylor Muhl discovered she had two types of DNA: her own and her non-twin. That is, in his mother’s case, two separate eggs were fertilized by two different sperm, but Taylor absorbed the genetic characteristics of the second embryo in the early stages of development.

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The second case is that of a father His son discovered that it was not his, but his unborn twin brother. That is, he has two genetic makeups: his own and his twin brother who died in the womb in the early stages of pregnancy.

The man absorbed his twin brother’s genetic makeup and passed it on to his son, who later discovered that he was actually his son’s uncle and that his absent twin brother was the biological father.

Several such cases have been discovered in recent years, and researchers recently concluded that human chimeras are more common than previously thought.

Younis said there is no information on how often this medical abnormality occurs, but After seeing about 20 confirmed casesHe said he thinks there are many more.

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