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He took the wrong seat and found a doppelgänger on the plane

He took the wrong seat and found a doppelgänger on the plane

Planes It can be the perfect setting for some of the most unexpected moments. This was exactly what happened to Two British men. One of them had just boarded a plane when he encountered the first snag: someone accidentally took his seat. The awkward situation was soon left behind when he discovered something that caught his attention even more: the “invader” was his “double”.

Neil Douglas, 32, from Glasgow, Scotland. On board the plane to Galway City in Ireland, everything was going according to plan. However, when he wanted to sit down, he found himself in an unusual situation. In his place was the Londoner Robert Stirling, who surprised both of them. He had the same physical appearance as him. At first, Both passengers were in shock. Because, although popular beliefs say that all people have a double, few have the opportunity to find it.

The men were on their way to Ireland when they met on the planeunsplash

Once absorbed, They decide to have fun and get a file Personal Photos Which quickly spread on the networks social. The resemblance was uncanny. Both are red-haired and bearded. In addition, they share the same physiognomy and smile. Apparently, the reaction of the rest of the passengers was also dumbfounded, because in the photo it is possible to appreciate the smile that others smiled upon realizing the unusual incident.

The similarities didn’t end there. According to information from the newspaper the sunWhen both men reach their destination, they realize this They made reservations at the same hotel. Concluding that there were too many coincidences, they went to a beer together, in order to catch up.

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Neil and Robert weren’t the only “doubles” found. Recently, the story of two men who didn’t just share an outward appearanceBut also his name and even the profession of baseball players. The Brady Figels’ family learned of each other’s existence in 2015, due to a phone call. One of them was about to get plastic surgery, but the doctor got it wrong and called the wrong Brady.

This is what the two Americans look like, which have almost identical morphology
This is what the two Americans look like, which have almost identical morphologyTwitter/OleMissBSB

Since then, the history of confusions has continued. Two years later, in 2017, the baseball team of one of them congratulated their player on his birthday on social networks. Although at that moment they thought everything was normal, the other Feigel later told them that they were wrong. Even fans tend to get confused and ask each other for autographs.

Still circulating today, popular theories suggest that everyone has a weakness somewhere in the world. With this hypothesis, biologist Tejam Lucas, of the University of Adelaide in Australia, conducted an investigation that was later published by BBC.

The Academy examined 4,000 faces from the public collection of US military photographs and, to create a hypothesis, used eight different facial points, such as the space between the eyes and ears, which it studied in detail. “The result is hopeless for those who hope to one day encounter a doppelgänger.‘, before revealing that the probability of someone having the same physical traits is one in a billion.