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He has asked to leave City for two years.  I asked him to stay, but he wanted to leave, so what can we do?

He has asked to leave City for two years. I asked him to stay, but he wanted to leave, so what can we do?


It is difficult to find fault in a profession Pep GuardiolaHe has always been impeccable in his decisions, but there is one decision that the English press always asks him about.

Pep Guardiola doesn't even want to see it: Players who will leave Manchester City because of Real Madrid's 'mistake'

Why did you let Cole Palmer go? And the steering wheel breaks it ChelseaAlthough the Blue Team is not experiencing its best moment, the young footballer is.

Chelsea paid 55 million If signed, Pep Guardiola has been consulted about the player he will face on Saturday in the FA Cup semi-final.

“An exceptional player. I did not give him the minutes he deserved and that he has now at Chelsea. Incredible potential. He had been talking to me for two seasons about leaving the club. I asked him to stay. He wanted to leave anyway. What can we do with that? What can I say?

He added: “He spent two seasons telling me he wanted to leave. He wanted to leave and I told him he should stay.” He replied that he wanted to leave anyway. “I want to leave, I don't want to stay”, He said to me. “I can't do anything with that.”

For this part, Cole Palmer Speaking a few weeks ago to Sky Sports he revealed: “It was never my intention to leave Manchester City. I wanted to go out on loan for a year and then come back and get ready to play for the first team. They made it clear to me that I couldn't loan out; Stay or transfer. Chelsea called me and I told them I wanted to leave and I'm very happy to be here. “I'm glad I made this decision.”

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He informed Real Madrid of his desire to leave at the end of the season: “He wants to experience a new adventure.”

Palmer He has scored 23 goals and provided 14 assists so far this season, which are very special numbers for Chelsea that sometimes do not accompany him in results.