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Having trouble getting into the “Hype” website?  This is what they say from America

Having trouble getting into the “Hype” website? This is what they say from America

From May 6, are you having any problem accessing the “HYB” or Visa Lottery Results website? The first and second day of opening the page of the US State Department, where the results of the Diversity Visa Lottery for 2024 appear, is almost impossible to access.

According to some stakeholders contacted directory, the web keeps crashing and throwing you an error. That first day down the page, we remember that there are more than 11 million interested parties from all over the world for 50 thousand visas. Many registered Cubans were unable to log in to check the results and reached out to their relatives abroad to confirm their status.

What are they saying about this from America? A senior official in the State Department’s Office of Diplomatic Affairs responded to cyber Cuban journalist Wilfredo Cancio with some skepticism. The first thing is that there was a slight decline in the first days, but now everything is normal.

“We are not experiencing any widespread technical issues with the access status verification site. We encourage those who are having difficulty accessing the site to try again on May 6.” Accurate.

How can I check my drum result?

Assuring that they have no technical issues now, he asked aspirants to log in to confirm their results without problems. However, he clarified that they will be exposed there till September 30, so there is time to check whether they have won or not. If luck doesn’t smile on you this time, don’t worry because in October of this year they will reopen the “Hype” of 2025.

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Likewise, authorities urge interested parties to ensure that they are using the correct site and avoid using any pirated or fraudulent pages. This is the official site: https://dvprogram.state.gov/ESC/.