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Google Maps shows what the neighborhood of El Chavo del 8 . looks like

Google Maps shows what the neighborhood of El Chavo del 8 . looks like

lovable neighborhood 8 year old boy It is one of the most remembered TV spots in Latin America and the world. So far, millions of users can visit the neighborhood thanks to Google Maps, although it is a faithful re-creation of what it was before.

As we know the neighborhood in which it is Roberto Gomez Bolaños He left his best television years behind, and it’s not exactly where it is because it was created at Televisa Studios and nowadays it doesn’t exist that way.

However, a restaurant called Chanfle y recontrachanfle, built with a theme featuring all the characters and works of “Chespirito,” has made one of the neighborhood’s most refined recreations.

Google Maps: El chavo del 8 . neighborhood location

The recreation of the El Chavo neighborhood is located in Mexico City, exactly at Cto Centro Comercial 2251, Cd. Satélite, 53100 Naucalpan de Juárez.

In addition, in Google Maps there are some photographs of the restaurant so you can realize how similar this building is to the “Chespirito” site and all the cast in it.

Google Maps: This is what the El Chavo del 8 neighborhood in Chanfle Restaurant and Recontrol looks like.

El chavo del 8 . neighborhood

The restaurant welcomed people from all over the world to visit due to the possibility of taking pictures and believing that they are in the neighbourhood. In fact, many YouTubers have rated the videos and retold their experience.