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Google is improving searches using artificial intelligence, these are the changes

Google is improving searches using artificial intelligence, these are the changes

The search engine will help users perform easier searches. (Unsplash)

the artificial intelligence You will become a search consultant Google. Infobae Infobae was present at the announcement Integrating this technology into its platform to help users find the best possible outcome.

Initially, this option is available through Research laboratorieswhile the trial period ends, to finally be launched worldwide as part of the functions that the search engine already has.

It will arrive in Latin America from November 8, although it will take a few more days in Argentina.

The search engine will help users perform easier searches. (Google)

Searching for content on the Internet is one of the daily activities in digital routine. Usually, we ask questions about upcoming events, news that interests us, football results, recipes or questions about the laws in each of our countries. This includes browsing different media or portals that provide that information. Artificial intelligence will come to help us in this process.

For example, when you search for: “Quesadillas with Cheese”, links to the web page that solves the question will typically appear. But with the integration of AI, the initial result will be a summary of all the information, organized in a more realistic and easy-to-read way.

After providing this data, the search engine will give the user new options to further expand their query. Then a series of buttons will appear at the bottom containing related questions such as: “What’s in a quesadilla” or “Why is it called a quesadilla.” Something that will give the option to continue the conversation without having to leave the search engine.

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Beneath these results will appear links to media outlets containing all the data related to the question, as is usually the case, ensuring that people do not stop accessing the portals and their usual traffic is affected. These locations will also be on the right side of the board or in a bottom circle in the mobile version, so queries won’t be limited to just the result provided by the AI.

The search engine will help users perform easier searches. (Google)

Google Explain the answers he gave artificial intelligence They won’t be in all of the consultations, but they will focus on certain topics, though they haven’t specified which ones or how to know if AI will generate any engagement.

If they receive a response, users will have the option to choose whether they like the result provided by the system or not, as this will allow the platform to be improved to avoid cases of misinformation or the spread of fake news, since there is false or inaccurate data on the Internet and artificial intelligence can To take it as a reference.

On the other hand, users will have the option to maintain the same privacy options that Google has in general, so that their inquiries remain private.

With regard to the distribution of information in the event of advertising, Google will continue to maintain Sponsored Content at the top and you’ll leave the AI ​​responses on the next line, so nothing will change if you search for content that might include ads or shopping content.

The search engine will help users perform easier searches. (Google)

In Latin America, this function will be launched on November 8 and will be available to search from the desktop or mobile version.

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To try it you have to log in labs.google.com/search From the browser and that will be enough to get to know it, ask questions, and see the results it generates using artificial intelligence.