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Google displays this renewed Android logo

Google displays this renewed Android logo

Take advantage of the update from Google Mobile Services, android Her skin renewed, because she changed the style of printing.

The Android logo will start to look a little different. The font will more closely match that used by Google’s own logo, and Android will now be written with a capital letter A. Google Brand Manager Jason Fournier Describes the change in a company blog postsaying that it “reflects the Google logo more closely and creates a balance between the two.” In addition, the robot will take on a 3D look, with color variations as the occasion calls for.

Do more at a glance with new productivity features for Android devices

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On the other hand, on September 5, Google announced some updates:

  • Google Assistant Quick Tool, improvements to the Lookout visual accessibility app, and Zoom calls on Android Auto.
  • Google is also updating Wallet to make it easier to load cards with barcodes and QR codes by adding an image import feature.
  • By providing on-screen image descriptions for people who are visually impaired or blind, Lookout will be able to describe scenes more intelligently and answer follow-up questions.
  • And Android Auto adds support for joining Zoom and Webex calls, albeit with voice only.

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