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Georgina’s ex-boyfriend reveals the amount of money he gave her

Georgina’s ex-husband revealed the amount of money he gave her when they were in a relationship, and details allegedly he would have done when he was already in a relationship with Cristiano were revealed.

Controversies do not stop for Georgina Rodriguez, partner of Cristiano Ronaldo. Now her ex-boyfriend has revealed the amount of money he gave her to cover her expenses.

This came after the “crisis” revealed by the Portuguese media between the Al-Nasr player and Georgina.

They asserted in the Portuguese media that Cristiano “is tired of her”, while the model “thinks she is up to him”.

Portuguese media reported that they had indicated that CR7 would be “tired” of the attitude adopted by Georgina, which they described as “far from reality, forced and petty”.

All these indications have appeared since the model presented the second part of “Anna Georgina”, where she tells what her life was like before meeting Cristiano.

Before living her current life of luxury next to one of the most famous soccer players in the region, the businesswoman also faced great financial difficulties.

The ex-boyfriend of the model had revealed to the ‘Look’ portal the amount of money he gave her on a monthly basis for her personal expenses.

Likewise, the aforementioned medium indicated that the man decided not to reveal his identity, despite revealing an anecdote with the influencer.

The man revealed that he was giving him two thousand euros in cash a month to cover his personal expenses and helped Georgina with the constant trips to see him.

She would also be of great help to him, as he also took care of paying for plane tickets for Georgina and her sister to attend their father’s funeral.

This detail would have attracted a lot of attention, since then, Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo were already in a relationship.

According to ‘Look’, Georgina’s ex-boyfriend was going to help with the amount, but decided to remain anonymous, after the story with the supermodel was revealed.

This appeared after the supposed crisis between Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez, due to their positions.

In “I’m Georgina,” the model tells what her life was like before meeting Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as how she is now with him.

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