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Georgina Rodriguez's favorite workout for perfect buttocks

Georgina Rodriguez’s favorite workout for perfect buttocks

Georgina Rodriguez is without a doubt one of our inspirations The physique is that the model has amazed the world with her delicacy as well as her beauty. newly, Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend Show his approved workout to show your perfect buttocks, so take inspiration from his suggestion to try it out in the coming weeks.

When we thought having an impactful silhouette was only possible with an extensive gym routine, celebrities remind us that there are a few tricks that can help us reach our goals faster. Remember that you should always be accompanied by a personal trainer to perfect your technique.

This is how Georgina Rodriguez lifts her buttocks

Through her Instagram account, the celebrity shared a photo showing the way she performs her lunges, a very popular and powerful exercise that focuses on tightening the upper body. In the photo, he raised his right leg to bend his left, and added a little weight to speed up muscle growth.

Our recommendation is that you try this exercise doing 15 repetitions on each side, as well as keeping a second down and lifting hard.

This is how Georgina Rodriguez raises her buttocks. Photo: IG

What strengthens lunges?

The first thing you should know is that this exercise is a favorite for tightening the legs, buttocks, lower abdomen, as well as the hips. Its effect is so fast that you will be surprised at what this simple practice can do for you, and the best thing is that there are so many variables depending on your needs or the materials you already have at home.