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From now on, Gmail will no longer require a password to access it

From now on, Gmail will no longer require a password to access it

Google has embarked on several changes that will provide its users with greater convenience online. For example, if you are one of the people who frequently forget passwords, you won’t need them now to access your Gmail account.

Google’s newness has something to do with it a tool Created to make it easier to log in to your email. The so-called “passkeys” will now take center stage; It will be set as the main option for accessing Gmail. Google says goodbye to inconvenient passwords that we often do not remember and waste time searching for options to access the services of our applications.

Remember that currently it is necessary to enter the password to enter Gmail. From now on, the new security step will allow you to access email from your mobile phone faster and easier.

In general, passwords are very weak and lead to data theft. Hackers are able to decrypt it and thus obtain your personal information. Which from now on will be impossible, according to Google. Passkeys, on the other hand, use encryption keys stored on devices.

Passkeys prevent impersonation and phishing

It’s a fact, the new thing Google is offering through their ‘passkeys’ will not allow impersonation and phishing attacks. Its users can adopt this security measure for their accounts on platforms like YouTube, Google Maps, etc.

Other important companies in the United States are currently taking their first steps in linking to the new tool. Among them are Apple, Microsoft, eBay, Uber, and WhatsApp.

The process of activating Passkeys is simple. The first thing is to create an access key using the QR code that the browser will show on your device. By the way, you can then use it on others, which is an invaluable feature.

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Now, when you log into Google, the service will automatically detect the presence of a Passkey and ask you to use it to gain access. Through the QR code or your fingerprint you will access Google services.

How to activate “Passkeys”?

– Log in to any Google page and click on your profile picture.

– A menu will open, select “Manage Google Account”.

– In the Settings window, go to the “Security” tab and select “Access Keys”.

– The system will ask you to verify your identity with your password.

-Once you’re in, you’ll be able to see your devices and create a new ‘passkey’.

-Now you have to go to the top of the screen, where you will see a message indicating “Create an access key on this device.” Click the Create Access Key button.

-Click “Continue” and it will be saved to your account. You should repeat the process on all pages that you use frequently.