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From Ibiza, Renata Notni turns up the temperature in a swimsuit

From Ibiza, Renata Notni turns up the temperature in a swimsuit

Renata Notni He remains one of the focus of all media attention thanks to his talent, charisma and beauty which they are born to talk about frequently. In addition to this, his relationships, both loving and friendly, also travel the world. Currently in a relationship with Diego Bonita, she seems to be one of the happiest women at the moment.

It is located in Spain, specifically in Ibiza. Renata Notni She met one of her media friends: Aceline Derbez who moved to this country for a new project that excited her so much that she wanted so little to share publicly. On this important journey, he coincided with Notni.

Renata Notni and Diego Bonita from Ibiza. Source: Instagram.

The daughter of Eugenio Derbez and Renata Notni Some took a few days to rest together and enjoy the first days of summer, visit some of the most beautiful corners of Spain, and star in the coolest hostels. Pleasant moments were shared on the social networks of both of them.

Through his Instagram profile, Renata Notni She shared a series of stunning postcards in which she can be seen as beautiful as she wears a colorful swimsuit that reveals the figure statues she envies. Isellen Derbez was not far behind and, like her friend, posed for the camera, showing that she was at her best.

Renata Notni and Aceline Derbez are good friends. Source: Instagram.

A series of pictures that went viral on the social network of the little camera Notnihas already exceeded 12 thousand likes and has hundreds of beautiful and motivating comments, which makes the 27-year-old actress feel that she is one of the most beautiful and lovable women in the world.

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