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Freedom to Practice Medical Legislation – NBC Miami (51)

Freedom to Practice Medical Legislation – NBC Miami (51)

Prohibition of requirements for COVID19 testing, mandatory vaccination orders, or the use of masks.

These are the essential points of four laws, approved by Governor DeSantis, in his words, to ensure medical freedom in the state.

These restrictions and those mandatory orders were not intended to preserve their health, but to control their behaviour.

Section 252 prohibits commercial and government entities from requiring proof of vaccination or recovery from any disease to access the Internet or the service.

Discrimination on the basis of COVID-19 vaccination or immunity status is also prohibited.

Health experts insist that vaccinations and infection control are necessary to mitigate the increase in the number of patients in epidemics and epidemics.

Among other laws approved by Desantis, Act 1580, gives the right to health service providers and insurance companies not to offer or pay for health care services based on conscientious objection.

This technology, which is a literal translation from the English language, would make it possible to refuse care and treatment based on religious, moral or ethical beliefs.

According to the Campaign for Human Rights, the largest group advocating for the human rights of LGTBQ+ people in the country, laws like these turn basic freedoms into tools to restrict the rights of others, including the LGBTQ+ community. She also adds that personal beliefs should not be used as swords to deny necessary medical care.

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