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Formula 1: Hamilton claims the 2021 World Cup was stolen from him

Formula 1: Hamilton claims the 2021 World Cup was stolen from him

the 2021 season Follower Formula 1 It will be remembered for many years for its amazing closure Max Verstappen He won his first championship with a win Lewis Hamilton in it Abu Dhabi Grand Prixa race in which both drivers finished tied on points.

Has Hamilton been robbed of the 2021 Formula 1 title?

Although more than two years have passed, the item still exists Mercedes He still remembers that moment he said in an interview with… GQ Magazine– It was a point flexion In his career, he confirmed this They stole the title.

In this modern, seven-time champion of the highest category Driving cars He was asked if he considered it so The address has been stolen In 2021, which Hamilton He replied:

What if it is stolen from me? naturally. You know the story. “But I think it was a really beautiful moment, because my father was with me, and that's what I took with me.”

“It was a defining moment in my life. I'm really thinking about it. I felt it like that. I didn't know how others would perceive it. I couldn't imagine it. He added: “But I was definitely aware of it: in those fifty meters I fall to the ground and give up, or get up.”

Hamilton arrives at Ferrari

Among other topics he covered in the interview Hamilton His next arrival was to FerrariWhich will happen after the end of the current season of The Grand Circus of Motorsport, A situation he stressed is not an “escape” and that is why he will give everything he has to Mercedes.

“I don't consider it an escape. My commitment to the team is exactly the same as in previous years: My intention is to destroy the rest of the teams. We want to defeat them. My approach is the same until the end. And I can't let my mind wander too much to what comes next. “I can't focus on that until next year.”

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